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RL VMAP Tilesets

Centurion Tileset    (Thanks to Todd Zircher)

Overlord Tileset      (Thanks to Karl Johnson)

Kanniks Renegade Legion Page
    This is the premier site for RL information. It is also the home of 2nd Edition Rules for the space fighter combat game Interceptor, part of the RL Series. Now includes the Phalanx (rules for Renegade Legion squad combat).  These rules are free!

    Kanniks VLCA network

    A useful set of links to nearly every Renegade Legion wepbpage out there.

Capital Ship Plus
A listing of all the various Capital ships, and miscellaneous other vessels for Leviathan including stats and histories of the various ship classses.  Thanks to Lyndal Emerson

Unit Listings

For Shannedam County (from the Shannedam County Source Book)

RL Clip Art

Some RL images from various box covers and supplements.