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Campaign Sites


This is an excellent campaign site based in the Full Thrust universe.  A must see for anyone interested in Full Thrust.

Continuos Conflict

This is an excellent site with all sorts of free games. The main attraction (in my view) is the Grand Strategic level game Overlord . Originally intended as a RL Strategic level game its now free!

Play by Email Tools


A handy, easy to use PBEM tool from Todd Zircher.

Strategy Construction Set 2

A freeware tool useful for creating and playing PBEM games.


A similar Freeware tool. Looks very useful.


The Sentry Box

A gaming store in Cananda which seem to keep a good stock of games both in and out of print.  Some Renegade Legion items are in stock on occassion as well as several other game systems.

Renegade Tech

A variant damage system for Battle-Tech based on the RL damage system.   A more  realistic damage system.


The Gamersnet

A good computer war gaming site.


A very comprehensive war gaming site

Computer Gaming


Another excellent site related to computer gaming.  Its main premise is to provide information and small reviews of new games as soon as they hit the shelves.   If you want the lowdown on a new game this is the place to go.  Probably the most interesting feature is the Gold Guide which is run by a friend of mine.  It gathers togethers ALL the online reviews and previews of games both old and new.  Definitely worth a look.  I have a small section on the site detailing the European releases of new games.