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This is an excellent campaign site based in the Full Thrust universe.  A must see for anyone interested in Full Thrust.

Renegade Tech
A variant damage system for Battle-Tech based on the RL damage system.   A more  realistic damage system.

Continuos Conflict

This is an excellent site with all sorts of free games. The main attraction (in my view) is the Grand Strategic level game Overlord . Originally intended as a RL Strategic level game its now free!


A handy, easy to use PBEM tool from Todd Zircher.

Strategy Construction Set 2

A freeware tool useful for creating and playing PBEM games.


A similar Freeware tool. Looks very useful.

The Sentry Box

A gaming store in Cananda which seem to keep a good stock of games both in and out of print.  Some Renegade Legion items are in stock on occassion as well as several other game systems.

 The Gamersnet

A good computer wargaming site.


A very comprehensive wargaming site

Online Gaming Review / OGR

One of the best computer gaming sites on the net.

 Games of diverse strategy / GODS 

An up and coming computer game review site